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Hey there! =D *waves*

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1Hey there! =D *waves* Empty Hey there! =D *waves* on Fri Jun 13, 2008 11:56 pm


Hi, I'm Goma. =D I've found out this website and I thought it'd be perfect for me. I'm pretty excited with it, so now I really don't know where to start, I'll have to check the posts and stuff like that, but meanwhile I've found a little guide ^_^

Excuse me for my typos/grammar kicks. Like many horse players, English is not my first language. =)

-How did you find the site Hm, good question. Someone on an equine roleplaying forum introduced it, I think x3

-How did you find this site (Howrse'Design)? Through howrsehelp, which I found through several links in profiles/EC's and in which I've only registered now.

-What do you like on howrse? Horses! =D And the fact that when you don't log in, your horses don't die x3 Very useful, I was away for a month and a half due to school. I have all my horses. Course, now my best horses are lousy cause there are much better horses...

-What don't you like on howrse? The fact that they don't Lusitanos >D I also don't like how most contests only benefit people who can purchase passes, not everyone can no matter how hard they want. But of course I understand why they do it.

-Do you have any suggestions for Howrse'Design? Don't know it well enough to start complaining about it just now! XD

-Could you live without howrse if you had to stop playing? Sadly yes, I've had to drop it for a month and a half, too little time - and motivation too, honestly. I restarted playing because of the Black Pearl!!!

-What are some of your hobbies? Drawing, writing, reading, playing online games x3

-Do you have animals at home? If yes, what kinds? Only birds =( Australian birds, I don't know how to translate them xD

-Would you say you're artistically inclined? Yeah. I do art but I study Sciences, and even though my art is far from perfect, I try my best to improve it. =)

-What first inspired you to draw? Horses ^^

-Do your prefer pencil and paper or digital art? Digital art as far as coloring concerns, but I feel more comfortable doing lineart by hand. That's pretty much all I can do, traditional art is out of my league so far XD

Hope this helps you knowing me a bit more x3

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