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Hello all! I'm new here! [Questionnaire]

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1Hello all! I'm new here! [Questionnaire] Empty Hello all! I''m new here! [Questionnaire] on Sun May 17, 2009 7:12 pm


Hello everyone! I am just another lady that loves horses. Since I can not have my own I like playing this howrse game. I am here because I like to create and share.

Now for the

-How did you find the site I found it on google.

-How did you find this site (Howrse'Design)? I also found it on google.

-What do you like on howrse? I like everything so far, I am fairly new to it at this point.

-What don't you like on howrse? I do not like to have to buy passes for cool stuff.

-Do you have any suggestions for Howrse'Design? Not yet. but if I have an idea I will share!

-Could you live without howrse if you had to stop playing? No

-What are some of your hobbies? oh all kinds of arts and crafts, gardening, wood burning/carving, cooking, bird watching, horse back riding, hiking, adventuring, reading, watching movies, blogging, filming/photography, traveling... all kinds of neat stuff.

-Do you have animals at home? If yes, what kinds? YES! All kinds. Salt and fresh water aquariums, turtles, ferrets, and cats. It is kind of a zoo here. Plus the wildlife I like to watch out the window, deer, bears, birds, bees. I love to watch them all.

-Would you say you're artistically inclined? Not really, but I try.

-What first inspired you to draw? My mom drew a cute little cartoon horse one day when I was a little girl and since then I always liked to draw.

-Do your prefer pencil and paper or digital art? I prefer both or used together!

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