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Hi there!

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1Hi there! Empty Hi there! on Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:33 am


Hello! I'm new to Howrse (1 day lol!), and here, but completly aware of how to play around with pictures.

Alice =] Cool


-How did you find the site
My kitty Duke (Duke passed away over X-mas... R.I.P Duke! D:) found Howrse for me, I went to the bathroom and he was playing with the mouse, he happened to hover it over the link when I got back and I clicked it, so here I am!

-How did you find this site (Howrse'Design)?
Its a part of that story. ^^ lol!

-What do you like on howrse?
Whats not to like?

-What don't you like on howrse?
The new HTML rules. -.-

-Do you have any suggestions for Howrse'Design?
Nope. =]

-Could you live without howrse if you had to stop playing?
Yes, I could.

-What are some of your hobbies?
Horses, my boyfriend, playing with pictures...

-Do you have animals at home? If yes, what kinds?
Yes. My Arabian mare, Rosie, my dog Sassy, and my two cats Shadow and Cali.

-Would you say you're artistically inclined?
No, not really! XD

-What first inspired you to draw?
No clue.

-Do your prefer pencil and paper or digital art?
Digital art all the way!

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