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[Questionaire] hi guys

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1[Questionaire] hi guys Empty [Questionaire] hi guys on Mon Jan 28, 2008 10:39 pm


Hi everyone. Here is my questionaire.


-How did you find the site
- I found it looking for horse information.

-How did you find this site (Howrse'Design)?
- I found it by searching for horse art for my layouts on howrse, and personally i think this site it very interesting

-What do you like on howrse?
- The way you can look after your own virtual horse and learn about them at the same time. Also it give people wiithout a horse like me who want one a chance to see what it is like to own one, in a virtual way.

-What don't you like on howrse?
- Erm, the competitiveness over all the players and the fact that if you win an auction over someone, they seem to want to argue with you, and after all its just a game, so it shouldn't be taken too seriously.

-Do you have any suggestions for Howrse'Design?
- I think there should be a section to display art, that is not too closely related to howrse as well, but i do no know if there already is an area, as i ahven't looked properly.

-Could you live without howrse if you had to stop playing?
- Yes, as id carry on with my digital artwork, but i wouldn't have much to do online as howrse inspired me for most of my artwork.

-What are some of your hobbies?
- Making digital artwork, photography, doing pencil artwok and textile artwork ( all of these are what i have considered taking for GCSE next year.

-Do you have animals at home? If yes, what kinds?
- yes i have a quaker parrot, a westie dog, a lop eared rabbit and a baby lop eared rabbit.

-Would you say you're artistically inclined?
- yes as i have been told so, and i have wo many prizes for my artwork.

-What first inspired you to draw?
- I m not entirely sure about that

-Do your prefer pencil and paper or digital art?
- Personally both as sometimes i wil lmake a piece of pencil work, scan it to a colputer and use it with digital art.

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hey PurpleRoses!
hope ya like it here =]

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Thanks Fran, i think i will.
A very warm welcome.

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